A Little Bit About Me…

I have been a Hair Stylist for 21 years, the better part of which I have been self-employed. I find a great amount of pleasure in being a stylist. As a Stylist, communication is crucial! To me, that means listening to what my clients are saying and what they may not be saying. In partner with my clients I offer my knowledge and experience as well as the ability to take note of your desires and lifestyle requirements. I could give you what I believe is the best hair cut and/or color for you, but if it doesn’t fit your lifestyle, in regards to the time you spend styling, products you are comfortable using, skill level and appointment maintenance, you just won’t love your hair! You leave with a style you can’t do anything with and products you don’t use. We will work together to create your best look! And I will teach you how to get the results you’re looking for, and the know how to style it the way you desire at home. The better we communicate and the more you know, the better your hair will turn out on a consistent basis.

Excellent hair should do what it’s designed to do with modest effort. The
remarkable thing about hair is that anything is possible.

I look forward to servicing you and your soon to be gorgeous hair in the future.
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My Services

Hilites – Whether you’re looking for a subtle change or an extreme makeover, Hilites are the way to go. With all the possible color combinations available and endless positioning of the actual foils in your hair, the finished product is always amazing.

Color – A “Seasonal Semi-Permanent Color” will add depth and shine to Color that has faded or been bleached by the sun. A “Permanent Hair” color can cover your grey, add shine, give you a lighter all over color and tone, give you a vibrant red, or transform a blonde bombshell into a brilliant brunette!

Straightening & Texturizing – Whether you want to take out an old perm or straighten you naturally curly hair, this is the option for you.

Hair Styling – From your wedding day, to a night on the town, I offer a variety of styling options that will suite any occasion.

Conditioning Treatments – When you take out the moisture in your hair, it must be put back. And if you weaken your hair with coloring and heat damage through your daily styling then you must give your hair the strength it needs to maintain the demands your impose on it. When you schedule a conditioning treatment, we will customize it specifically for your needs.

Hair Cuts – With today’s hair trends, you would be hard pressed to find a head that hasn’t been damaged by either chemical or heat styling. The dryer your hair becomes, the more brittle it is. Brittle or dry hair losses its ability to stretch and snap back, instead it doesn’t stretch but snaps off! So when you see your hair breaking and splitting then you’ve generally waited too long between cuts. Taking a little off more frequently will prevent having to take a bunch off that 1 or 2 traumatic times a year, trust me!

Deva Hair Cuts – A special technique for cutting curly, wavy or coily hair. The cut is created on dry hair to see how each curl will fall and each individual curl is shaped. I also sell specialty products from

Halo Couture Extensions – I offer Halo Couture extensions and products. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions about these amazing products. If you purchase direct from the website, please make sure to locate me in there search engine so I can help in the future! 

Other Services Provided: – Women’s, Men’s, and Children’s Haircuts; Waxing; Relaxers and Perms.

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